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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers 92, Bobcats 97 (Postgame)

Portland never found their groove tonight in Charlotte, as the Bobcats came back in the second half to break the Blazers' road winning streak. The Blazers had their chances, but Stephen Jackson hit some big threes, and Portland missed some big free throws.

Wesley Matthews led the Blazers with 20 points, and Aldridge, Miller, Wallace (see below for his homecoming ovation) and Batum scored in double figures.

But, here's the deal. This was Charlotte's first game in a while with the majority of their team intact, they're just outside the playoffs and it was clear they badly wanted this game. They weren't perfect, but they worked hard and wanted this game. They deserve some credit for hitting shots, scrapping, and doing some stuff. Portland was a little off, clearly tired, and on the road. These games happen. They key is to not let it become a lull.

Speaking of which, the Blazers travel to Atlanta tonight, and are right back in action tomorrow against the Hawks.

Box score here, and stay tuned for Dave later. -- Tim