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Thank You Blazersedge

I wanted to take a minute to offer thanks to the people of this community for a couple of great reasons to celebrate today.

First, as I'm sure you read earlier, we sold out our tickets to send kids and their chaperons to the April 1st game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.  In fact when the Blazers ticket office got done with our final day they were so overwhelmed by people helping out that they had to open up an overflow section to accommodate all of the seats people wanted to buy for kids.  So I am pleased to announce that we will be sending MORE than 500 kids to that game because of your kindness.  This didn't happen with huge corporate sponsorships or out of any kind of operating fund.  It happened because college students gave $5 or $10 and a bunch of people saved enough to buy a ticket or two and a few others pitched in with rows of 10.  By ones and tens and sometimes one-fifths of seats we did enough to make a difference in these people's lives.  Of all the things we do--the analysis and the interviews and the breaking news and the recognition we get--this effort, this generosity makes me happier and more fulfilled than anything else.  This is what it means to be a Blazer fan and I'm proud to be one with you.

On that note, a second thanks.  Thanks to you Blazersedge did its second highest traffic month ever in February and set its new daily record twice during that span.  We've had historically high numbers lately for a site that has a long history of history-making numbers.  That wouldn't be possible without you reading and participating.  Thank you for being a part of our world and for letting us be a part of yours too.

Here's to a great stretch run!

--Dave (