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Blazersedge Night: Down to the Wire! Help Send 500 Kids to a Blazer Game

I just read this piece by Kelly Dwyer regarding Clippers owner Donald Sterling and how he screwed up the idea of Black History Month (by moving it to March) and helping kids come to see a Clippers game (by making 1000 free tickets available for kids but only if accompanied by a paying adult).  We're not NBA team owners and we're not quite giving away 1000 tickets but we are giving away 500, every single one of them to an underprivileged kid and/or their chaperon, every one of them completely purchase required  The game in question is April 1st versus the Thunder.  In order to make this work logistically we need to sell out the rest of the tickets this week.  So here we are, down to the wire and we need your help.  If you've waited this long, wait no longer.  Please, please, please help us say yes to all the people who have asked us by purchasing a ticket, 2 tickets, 10 tickets, or even just making a donation to the cause.  The info is's now or never.

Blazersedge Night:  April 1st, 2011 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder

Ticket Cost:  $25 per ticket plus a $5 service charge per order whether you buy 1 ticket or 100 with that order.

Ways to Purchase:

  1. Call Lisa Swan at the Portland Trail Blazers office at 503-963-3966.  Tell her you're purchasing for Blazersedge night  FOR THE KIDS or FOR CHARITY.  You can also purchase tickets for yourself to attend in the B.E. section that night, which is why you need to make your intentions clear.  If you tell them it's for the kids they set the tickets aside instead of mailing them to you.  If you want to attend yourself, make that clear as well.  You can purchase in all the usual ways:  credit card, check, what have you.
  2. You can also donate money via PayPal to the Blazersedge Paypal Account:  We accumulate your donations and pay for the tickets in one big chunk at the end.  This allows you to donate non-standard amounts (like $20 or $80) and also avoids that $5 order fee, as we make one bulk purchase. 

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

--Dave (