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Transcript: Brandon Roy Talks About His Comeback To The Court

Pre-game Monday, Jason Quick of The Oregonian reported that Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy said he would be ready to return to game action this weekend.  

Following the game, Blazers coach Nate McMillan said: "Brandon and [Marcus] Camby have decided when they are coming back, so as far as talking with [Trainer] Jay [Jensen] and the doctors we have these couple of days where we are going to practice. I'll see if these guys show up for practice and we'll go from there. As far as them playing this weekend, that hasn't been decided by us."

With McMillan making it sound like less of a certainty than Roy had, reporters swarmed Roy in the locker room after the game to prod him for as many details as possible about where he stands in terms of his recovery and potential return to the court. Here's a transcript of Roy's post-game comments.

How did this happen so quickly?

"I just think, after the surgery, just take that time off to really try to let my knees heal and take the time to just rest up. Last week, the doctor said I could start working out on Friday. I worked out Friday and took Sunday off, felt pretty good, came back today and felt even better. I'll get a chance to practice this week and if there's no setbacks I think there's a chance I could play this weekend."

Limitations minute-wise when you get back?

"I think there's not going to be a "he can't play more than this amount of minutes" but I think coach is going to try to keep it low right away when I come back. It's been awhile since I've been out there on the court. I haven't really talked to coach about it yet. I'm going to try to get through these practices and when we're in Toronto I'm sure we'll sit down and come up with an amount of minutes. I'm sure he's going to want to keep it low when I first come back."

How important is returning to the court to you?

"It's extremely important to me. At the same time, I think I've been patient through the process of sitting out, but even coming back, I have to continue to try to not get it all back in one game, just be patient and get my feel back. I'm excited to get to this point and I'm looking forward to trying to contribute."

How do your knees feel?

"They feel better. When they washed them out, they felt really good after the surgery. After working out they still feel pretty good. I just have to try to keep build on that. I can't really predict the future, but right now they feel good. The biggest thing is once I start playing I have to keep them at a level where I feel good about going out there and helping this team."

All about getting in game shape now?

"Yeah. I would say that. There's no limitations in practice. Now I'm just trying to get my legs back. I've been out for so long, get my legs back, my rhythm, timing."

How will you fit in with LaMarcus Aldridge and the team? Will you alter your game, less isos, do you try to help LaMarcus continue to play this way?

"Um, I think we are always just going to try to help each other play well. The goal is always to try to win. I don't know how we're going to run plays or anything yet. I just want to come back and get out there and get my legs back. I don't think I'm going to be running very many isos right away. Timing and things like that. That's something that we are going to have to figure out going forward. What's the best way for us to play and play at a high level."

Nate said it was more you and Marcus saying you were coming back, more than him saying it.

"When I'm ready to suit up, I'll be ready to suit up, but whether he plays me or not, that's up to him."

How do you see yourself fitting back in?

"The first thing is just getting minutes. It's hard to say. Sitting on the bench is a lot different than actually playing. And going through the motions out there. The biggest thing is just getting back in practice, getting back in games. I just want to be able to contribute. I feel like being able to play, and play not being hurt, I think I'll be able to be a pretty good player for this team."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter