Are Trade Talks Dead For The Portland Trail Blazers?


Welcome to the 2011 NBA Trade Deadline. At noon today, trade activity will cease. The late-breaking news last night had Yahoo! Sports saying Portland's pursuit of Gerald Wallace had "cooled" while said the Blazers were reluctant to trade its veteran big men. Reports this morning are not looking particularly promising for a Portland Trail Blazers trade. Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reports... ----------------------- If the Charlotte Bobcats and Portland Trail Blazers ever were close to a deal involving Gerald Wallace, those discussions are currently dead, according to a source familiar with the situation. The internet was abuzz Wednesday with rumors Wallace was about to be moved to Portland, before Thursday's trade deadline. This much is true: The Bobcats approached the Blazers as far back as December, to inquire about their interest in Wallace. The Blazers showed enough interest to do research on Wallace's personality and health. ----------------------- Marc Stein of reports ----------------------- One source says CHA insistence on Batum stalled GWallace-to-Portland talks. Blazers been telling teams all year that Batum CAN'T be had ----------------------- Marc Stein of reports ----------------------- A deal that WAS discussed today but I'm now told is unlikely to happen featured Houston's Aaron Brooks and Battier to Portland for Camby ----------------------- Ken Berger of reports... ----------------------- The trigger-happy Rockets have redoubled their efforts to acquire Marcus Camby from Portland, sources say. ----------------------- Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle reports... ----------------------- Portland is expected to deal point guard Andre Miller and center Marcus Camby before today's trade deadline. ... The Warriors tried to get big men Chris Kaman, Nene, LaMarcus Aldridge and JaVale McGee, according to league sources. ----------------------- Kate Fagan of reports... ----------------------- According to a source, the Sixers have nothing going with the Portland Trail Blazers, whose center Marcus Camby could be a nice (albeit aged) addition to the team's frontcourt. ----------------------- Wendell Maxey reports that Blazers forward Nicolas Batum says no trade... ----------------------- "Right now, I don't think we need to make a trade. We've got guys coming back like Brandon (Roy) and Marcus (Camby), and they're going to make us better. That's the thing, we've got a deep team with this team and we're not 100%." ----------------------- Yesterday, reported that the Blazers might be talking with the Minnesota Timberwolves about reserve point guard Jonny Flynn. Jerry Zgoda of reports... ----------------------- If the Wolves can get a first-round pick -- even mid to late for a guy taken No. 6 overall in 2009 -- they'd probably do it. Teams who might have an interest include Sacramento, Portland and Toronto. ----------------------- Ken Berger of, among others, says Flynn might wind up in Houston. ----------------------- The Jonny Flynn deal with Houston involves either Jared Jeffries or Aaron Brooks, sources say. Teams discussing picks, too. Not done. ----------------------- Sam Amick reports... ----------------------- Because Kings are under league minimum payroll, they're on lookout for a trade in which they get cash to cover salary of player coming back. ----------------------- That is exactly the type of scenario where the Blazers could dump Joel Przybilla's contract to get under the luxury tax line, if they wanted to, a possibility we've talked about for awhile now. Ken Berger of reports... ----------------------- If HOU/PDX can't get better now with deals, will be tempted to get under tax line. Both teams deep-pocketed, but $ is $. ----------------------- Joe Freeman of The Oregonian reports that every Blazer is accounted for at this morning's practice. Click here for Dave's deadline thoughts. Please check out the information on our upcoming Blazersedge Night! -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter