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Gameday Vent Thread: Lakers 106, Blazers 101, OT (Postgame)

LA and Portland put on a game for the ages, but Portland came up short. In a back-and-forth overtime, the Lakers ride some hot-shooting to escape Portland with a huge win. Portland led by 7 late in the fourth, and didn't score again to let the Lakers back into the game.

LaMarcus Aldridge finished with 29 points and 14 rebounds, nearly all before the fourth quarter started. Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews each added 22 points. In his return, Brandon Roy added 5 points. For the Lakers, Ron Artest had his one good game this month with 24 points (5-6 from three) and Kobe Bryant added 37.

Look, let's be honest. This was an ugly game after a long day. If you want to vent, hang out here and vent away. Just keep it family friendly, ok?

Box score here. More later from Dave and Ben. -- Tim