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Harris and Wallace and Williams, Oh My!

Lots of mail asking what's up with the Blazers and trades.  For the latest updates, follow Ben's post here.  With Deron Williams and Devin Harris being traded for each other, you cans see where an offer of Andre Miller and change would fall short in prying away either point guard.  Where does this leave the Blazers?  Where they've been much of the last two years.  They're that guy at the bar trying to pick someone up and watching all of the ladies getting scooped by younger, hipper, Brad Pitt look-alikes.  Closing time approaches.  Some would argue the main danger for Portland would be going home alone.  In reality, that's not much of a concern.  Portland has a decent team on a decent run.  It's not like they have to get lucky tonight or their life is a wreck.  The one, glaring issue is being over the luxury tax without much to show.  This at least mandates a Joel Przybilla salary dump.  But that's less of a trade and more like talking out your problems with the bartender to feel better.  If that's all that happens, well, it's not what you wanted but it's not a disaster.

The real issue for the Blazers at this point would be succumbing to the lure of beer goggles and waking up with regret in the morning.  Harris and Williams were legit lookers.  Does anybody else come close?

The Gerald Wallace speculation surrounds Andre Miller or Joel Przybilla headlining Portland's contribution.  In either case this is a no-brainer for the Blazers.  Przybilla shouldn't be blinked at.  If all Charlotte wants is cap relief and a pick, Portland should oblige without question.  A small lineup of Miller, Roy/Matthews, and Wallace/Batum looks plenty strong and leaves even more flexibility for future deals.  Trading Miller would leave the Blazers hard up for point guards.  Patty Mills isn't ready and no former shooting guards on the roster have shown themselves consistently capable of running the offense.  Still--and here's the part that many folks miss--if the Blazers include Miller in such a deal that means they weren't going to keep him anyway.  And if you don't judge him worth keeping, Gerald Wallace is a very nice piece in return.

We're still waiting to find out what the Blazers will do.  Again, follow that update piece closely and check back here every few minutes.  If a trade does go down, you're not going to find it any more quickly than you will here.  If it is Wallace in a non-Batum deal, the initial reaction should be unabashedly positive.  If it's a more qualified Wallace deal you have to weigh it.  If it's south of Wallace but north of a Joel Przybilla salary dump, let's hope it's not a head-scratcher.  We do know the Blazers are off the barstool making overtures.  Let's see who they go home with.

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