Andre Miller For Devin Harris Rumors Picking Up Steam

Ken Berger of, Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Jason Quick of The Oregonian and Al Iannazzone of the Bergen Record all report a rumored deal involving the Portland Trail Blazers and the New Jersey Nets... Berger writes... ---------------------------- Blazers and Nets continue to discuss Andre Miller-Devin Harris swap, sources say. Deal includes other pieces but not Rudy Fernandez. Harris would go to Denver if the Nets can keep their Carmelo Anthony pursuit alive. So Portland deal appears to be backup plan. Portland deal involving Miller/Harris one of several scenarios NJ involved with. Doesn't necessarily signal they are done with Melo. Portland would get Harris, Troy Murphy and likely a draft pick for Miller and Joel Przybilla, sources say. Deal not done between Portland/NJ, but if it goes through, would save NJ $17.8 million (Harris) over next two seasons. ---------------------------- Spears writes... ---------------------------- Portland considering sending G Andre Miller and C Joel Pryzbilla to New Jersey for G Devin Harris and C Troy Murphy, sources tell Y! Sports. Despite conversations with NJ, Portland isn't close to doing a deal with the Nets or anyone else right now, according to source. More pieces would have to be included to make the deal work. ---------------------------- Quick writes... ---------------------------- Andre Miller for Devin Harris "real, but not done" according to a party involved. Nets owner given 5 trade proposals. Por/NJ deal could also include Przybilla and Murphy. If Prz is traded agent Bill Duffy says "a very quick and intense conversation" will take place re his future. Possible retirement or buyout. ---------------------------- Iannazzone writes... ---------------------------- If Nets can't do DEN deal for Melo, Harris and Murphy could go to POR for at least Andre Miller and Joel Pryzbilla, sources are telling me. The Nets have a lot in the air, all pending Anthony. Murphy could still go to Golden State in separate trade. On Harris, the Nets privately feel his level of play and commitment to the team have dropped b/c of all the trade talk. ---------------------------- Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports splashes some cold water on the deal. ---------------------------- As NY-Den push closer to finalizing Melo trade, NJ considers deals and Portland option "isn't even in lead," source says. ---------------------------- As noted, additional pieces would need to be included to make this work. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter