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All-Star Gameday Thread: Friday Night Edition

Update: Wesley is teaching the sophomores to do the three-goggles. Here are Jrue HolidayTyreke Evans and James Harden each showing proper procedure. (Thanks Casey!)

What, you didn't expect Blazersedge to ignore a Blazer in the All Star festivities tonight, did you?

Tonight, Wesley Matthews joins the Sophomores in the annual NBA Rookie Challenge. Prepare for an intense defensive battle, with absolutely no easy drives to the rim, dunks, nor any bouncing basketballs off defenders' heads. Hang out here and root for Wesley, and discuss the other Friday night activities, including the long-anticipated celebrity game and the event typically requested for inclusion in the Library of Congress, the NBA Youth Jam.

Tonight's schedule:

- All-Star Celebrity Game: 4pm PST (ESPN)
- NBA Rookie-Sophomore game and Youth Jam: 6pm PST (TNT)

Wesley for MVP! -- Tim

PS- Keep scrolling down for a few articles on Wesley's All-Star prep, and Dave's latest mailbag.