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The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 033

Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I neglect our poor podcast pretty badly. But that's OK: We're back with another edition of The Dontonio Wingcast. In this 47-minute episode taped on Tuesday, we discuss LaMarcus Aldridge, the win over Chicago, managing Brandon Roy's return, what Portland should do before the trade deadline, and whether KP2 is contractually obligated by ESPN to take anti-Blazers stances. Also, Pelton explains his thoughts on Aldridge's All-Star candidacy and surprised me with a very, very optimistic assessment of Portland's potential ceiling in this year's playoff standings race.

Despite all the money that "Paywall" is raking in from his online writing he still thinks he's a GM, so he insisted that we try to cut back our podcast budget this year, even though it was already 0 dollars. That led to the decision to record this with Skype, as KP2 is apparently trying to save cell phone minutes for cat-related emergencies. This seemed like a very 2011 thing to do until the recording software spit out a file which makes it sound like I'm sitting on your left shoulder and Pelton is sitting on your right shoulder and we're lobbing barbs back and forth across your head. Call it a brain sandwich?

Anyway, apologies in advance for that. Audio technology has never been one of our strengths. Hopefully you can still enjoy the discussion.

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PS... For a professionally mixed interview, here's this week's Courtside, where I enjoyed chatting with Mike Barrett, Mike Rice and Brian Wheeler.

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