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Blazers Confirm Blazers G Brandon Roy's Plan For Medical Retirement

*** This post has been updated. Read all the way through. ***

Portland Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby and forwards Gerald Wallace and Nicolas Batum all confirmed the medical retirement of guard Brandon Roy in comments made at the team's practice facility following the first day of training camp on Friday.

Wallace said that coach Nate McMillan delivered the message to the team. Camby said Acting GM Chad Buchanan also briefly addressed the team this morning. Batum said that McMillan and Buchanan both addressed the team prior to practice, delivering a "time to turn the page" type of message.

Here are McMillan's comments on Roy. He addressed the media roughly two hours after training camp closed.

McMillan: "Until Chad works out the details with Brandon I'll leave those questions to him." Confirms he addressed team.

McMillan on Roy: "I was surprised" ... "found out last night" ... "obviously he's disappointed" ... "he's special"

"I called him 'Oprah' one time because everything he touched turned to gold." Nate McMillan on Brandon Roy

"I hope one day I can come into a training camp and not say someone is out for the season." -- Nate McMillan

Buchanan finally commented on Friday night.

Roy's agent contacted Buchanan on Thursday night to say he will pursue medical retirement. "very, very difficult" & "very, very emotional"

Buchanan was "shocked" by call from Roy's agent on Thursday.

Buchanan said he did not try to talk Roy out of his decision.

Will Blazers amnesty Roy? Buchanan: "We're looking at all options."

Unless Blazers amnesty Roy they do not recover full MLE

Buchanan refused to discuss specific pros or cons of amnesty versus medical retirement. Seemed to be leaning towards beginning the medical retirement process.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter