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Portland Trail Blazers Blazers Keeping Brandon Roy...For Now

As you can read from Ben's excellent coverage of the Portland Trail Blazers press conference just below, the Portland Trail Blazers have declared that barring a pre-season injury, they do not intend to use the NBA's new amnesty clause on Brandon Roy. It's a sigh of relief for Roy fans...most Blazers fans' hearts really. Who doesn't want to see Brandon give it one more try after all he's given the franchise?

What's your mood upon hearing this news? Good move? Bad move? Relieved or frustrated? Why? Also do you foresee Brandon being a Blazer through the duration of this contract or is this a single-year trial, a delay until sunnier free-agent shores next summer? Given the amount of flexibility Portland has with potentially expiring contracts next year, the latter would make some sense. On the other hand I can't see the Blazers making this move if they had no hope Brandon could play for them at a decent level. What's your call on the situation...gut reaction and analysis both? Weigh in below.

--Dave (