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Postgame Open Thread: Kings 79, Blazers 101

Well, it was a slow start, but the Portland Trail Blazers dominated the second half in a victory over the Sacramento Kings, 101-79.

Crash Wallace led the way with an electrifying 25 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, causing a "GER-ALD WALL-ACE" chant to break out from the crowd.. LaMarcus Aldridge added 24 points and 8 rebounds, and Nicolas Batum bounced back with 15 point and 5 rebounds.

Sacramento played tough in the first half, leading by as many as 12 points, as the Blazers looked repeatedly discombobulated. Somehow, Portland clawed back to close the half, tying the game with an Aldridge FT just before the buzzer.

In the second half, the Blazers took off and never looked back. An 18-2 run put the Blazers into a lead they would never relinquish. By the time anyone checked the scoreboard, the Blazers led by 23 and Elliot Williams checked in. Things were going so well, Portland (unsuccessfully) attempted the ol' 6-men-on-the-court play. By the time Nolan Smith bought everyone Chalupas, the fans were already happy.

Wesley Matthews left the game with some back pain, but came back shortly after with no ill effects. Travis Outlaw returned to Portland, with a huge ovation. He finished with 2 points.

The Blazers get a nice night off, and are back in action Thursday night against the Nuggets. -- Tim