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Gameday Open Thread! 76ers vs. Blazers (Pregame)

First game of the season! Wow, I really didn't think it would arrive this year. Tonight, the Philadelphia 76ers visit the Rose Garden to play the Portland Trail Blazers (Media notes). The Blazers would love to start the short, grueling season with a big win. Hang out here extra-early and discuss how anxious you are for the season to begin.

Blazers center Marcus Camby will start despite recent knee trouble.

Tip-off: 7:10pm

Lots of ways to watch and listen tonight:

Portland TV: KGW and
National TV: NBA League Pass (Free to all cable/dish/Internet folks outside the Blazer Blackout zone until Jan 8th!).
Listen: KXTG 750 AM or the Blazers Radio Network, and NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

For you Seattle folks, there is no local broadcast tonight, nor the next KGW game (29th vs. Denver). No word on whether the game will also be blacked out online yet. You may be out of luck. Feel free to give the Blazers a call if you're not happy about that.

The usual Gameday rules apply:

1. No swearing
2. No pictures

3. No discussion of Internet streams not provided by the NBA. Even though blackouts stink.
4. Be nice!

I have attached a poll below. Please respond openly and honestly. -Tim