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Gameday Open Thread: Portland 89, Utah 92

If your expectations jumped after the first preseason game, this may bring them back to earth a bit. The Utah Jazz defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, 92-89 in one of the uglier preseason games you'll see.

The Blazers shot 32% from 3, and 35% overall. Jamal Crawford and the returning LaMarcus Aldridge suffered through awful shooting nights (as did the viewer). Despite all that, they made a furious comeback in the fourth quarter. Utah did their best to hand the game to the Blazers, but they'd have none of that.

This isn't a bad loss for the Blazers. It was an ugly game in the preseason, with days of practice before the regular season starts. That's a good time to have an ugly loss in a game that doesn't matter

This is it for the preseason! The Blazers get a few days to make adjustments, and we'll see you for the next Gameday Thread on the 26th.

-- Tim