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Blazers F/C Kurt Thomas' Contract Details

Portland Trail Blazers forward/center Kurt Thomas tells Blazersedge after practice on Monday that his 2-year contract with the team, signed Sunday, has a partially guaranteed second year and is for the veteran's minimum.

Thomas was wearing jersey No. 40 during practice.

As such, Portland retains full use of its mini Mid-Level Exception (good for up to $3 million per year for up to three years) and, if guard Brandon Roy is waived via the amnesty clause, could regain use of a full Mid-Level Exception (good for up to $5 million per year for up to four years).

Thomas said Monday that he had offers from at least eight teams and was weighing multiple multi-year offers as well.

Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan again refused to comment on Thomas' contract details. He did say that the Blazers have made "significant progress" in their decision whether or not to use the amnesty on Brandon since Friday's revelation that Roy wanted to pursue a medical retirement.

Whether or not the Blazers choose to amnesty Roy, a team source says the top two positions Portland would look to target in free agency would be the two or four.

More coming in an hour or two.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter