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This Needs To Be A Meme

A brief break from the amnesty onslaught and free agency rumors to note that the following desperately needs to become a meme. Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen wrote to Portland Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby on Twitter on Wednesday night...

im in memphis working out, yo boy elliot williams say ur favorite line 2 the young fellas is "RESPECT THESE YEARS' TRU VET LOL

"Respect These Years."

That is just the perfect catch-all phrase for conversation domination. Use it in your daily life if your younger brother doesn't want to take out the trash. Use it if you're fighting with your significant other over control of the remote. Use it when you're in the grocery store and the teenage checkout clerk is trying to give you plastic and not paper. Use it if someone tries to call you out for stealing a parking spot or cutting in line.

This is up there with the back-handed high-five for greatest Cambyisms.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter