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Friday Discussion: Greatest Needs

We all know the upcoming free agency period is going to be crazy. The easy impulse is to talk about which free agents you want but the Blazers will probably not be able to afford the most coveted players. You can certainly suggest names in this thread but before we get into specifics--and my opinions thereof--I want to take a day to identify the team's greatest needs. Assume for now the core of the rotation is Felton, Matthews, Batum, Wallace, Aldridge, and Camby. You can use the amnesty clause on Brandon Roy or not as you wish. You can assume Greg Oden will be back at some point. Remember you also have some bench players around the edges but they're unproven. What things does this team most need in order to fill out that lineup? What positions and/or skills do you think would give this squad the best chance at success?

Prime the pump for free agency below.

--Dave (