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Broussard: Blazers Owner Paul Allen Took Part In NBA Owners Conference Call

Chris Broussard of reports that Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen took part in a conference call with other NBA owners to complain about the NBA's current offer to the National Basketball Players Association.

A group of disgruntled NBA owners held a conference call Monday to express its displeasure with the 50-50 revenue offer commissioner David Stern has presented to the players' association, according to sources with knowledge of the call.

[NBA commissioner David] Stern was not on Monday's call, but the sources said that up to 11 owners took part, including Charlotte's Michael Jordan, Portland's Paul Allen and Milwaukee's Herb Kohl.

"There are at least 15 owners who are praying that the players say no,'' one source said, "because then they'll get the deal they want.''

Stern said on Saturday that the NBPA has until Wednesday to accept the league's current offer. 

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter