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Open Thread: Blazers President Larry Miller To Hold Press Conference At 3:30 PM


Update: Here's the full transcript.

Portland Trail Blazers president Larry Miller will be conducting a press conference Wednesday afternoon, scheduled to begin at 3:30 PM. Follow along on Twitter for real-time updates of anything substantive.

There aren't too many important people left to "part ways with" so this will likely be a fairly standard question-and-answer session. Regardless, this press conference will be the first time the team has formally addressed the public since the NBA lockout went into effect on July 1.

Update: Sorry for the delay on Twitter. Ridiculous internet connectivity issues at the Rose Garden.

Here are the highlights. A full transcript is coming.

Blazers president Larry Miller: "No decision has been made on amnesty."

Chad Buchanan's first call today was to Brandon Roy's agent.

Miller: "Not sure yet" when Amnesty deadline is to do it prior to 11-12 season

Larry Miller: "Fan factor" will play a part in Brandon Roy decision and expects Roy to be at training camp.

Larry Miller: "If we have a healthy Brandon and a healthy Greg I think we have a great roster."

Larry Miller: "Having some conversations" about extension for Oden but "all possibilities" still being explored.

Chad Buchanan called Greg Oden's agent today. Says his rehab is going well, but he won't be ready Dec. 25. January timeline still in place.

Larry Miller: "Definitely talking" about contract extension for Nicolas Batum. "Part of future."

Larry Miller: GM search "continues to be on pause" with "no timeline" ... Biggest roster target/need: "big man"

Larry Miller: Owner Paul Allen was "unfairly villainized" by national media. "At this point the team is not for sale."

Blazers president Larry Miller refers to Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan as "what's his name in Utah."

Feel free to use this post to speculate before, react during and discuss afterwards.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter