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Blazers Fans Bombard Owner Paul Allen's Twitter With Brandon Roy Messages

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Reports continue to surface on Monday that the Portland Trail Blazers may be planning to waive guard Brandon Roy using the Amnesty Clause. In the immediate aftermath of those reports, Blazers owner Paul Allen began to receive a steady stream of messages to his Twitter account -- @PaulGAllen -- regarding the impending Roy decision.

Click through for a sampling of the many emotionally-charged messages. Warning: some of the messages are a bit harsh. Profanity has been edited out.

Allen has yet to post a response.

Update (8:27): 27 minutes after this post went up, Allen posted a message on his account.

"Good chance NBA back by Xmas," it read. "Thanks to Portland Trail Blazers fans for being patient & supporting the team. See you in the Rose Garden!"

The Blazers' official account immediately retweeted the message.

Allen and the Blazers are still subject to the NBA's gag order because the new Collective Bargaining Agreement has not yet been formally approved. Violations of the gag order, including discussing current players, could lead to a fine of up to $1 million from the league office.

Update (9:00): Within one hour of this post going up, Allen's official account began trending in Portland

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-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

Note: Names have been removed. Each bullet point represents messages sent from a different account between roughly 5 PM and 8 PM Pacific Time on Monday evening.

  • if you waive Brandon Roy without giving him a chance this season Im renouncing my blazers allegiance.
  • If you Keep Brandon Roy, ill donate my kidney. if you keep Brandon Roy, ill donate 1/4 of my weekly paycheck to charity. #InRoyWeTrust if you keep Brandon Roy, I will buy season tickets, even though I live in CT. if you keep Brandon Roy, you will earn my RESPECT. If you keep Brandon Roy, I would be willing to spend additionally money at Blazer sanctions to raise money to pay his salary. So PLEASE PAUL ALLEN, can we put to rest this Amnesty talk, and give Brandon Roy ONE MORE SHOT.#InBRANDONROYweTRUST
  • fans may be able to look past the lockout, but if @PaulGAllen cuts ROY, fans will not sit on their hands quietly! #scumbag
  • I doubt @PaulGAllen is trying to sell the Blazers or get rid of Roy. I just wish he'd speak up a lil like the Jazz's owner. :(
  • #MomentsICanNeverForget 4 against Dallas. Amazing comeback. Keep Brandon @PaulGAllen #Blazers #NBA
  • @PaulGAllen As a fan I vote to keep Roy at least this season.
  • @PaulGAllen cuting Roy will be a insult to the man and to all the fans that stuck by the team through the jail blazers and watches Roy pull the team from the laughing stock of the NBA to playoffs and the top
  • @PaulGAllen You're really bothering me. BTW... i'm switching to OS X Lion. Come on... This is unbelievable. Forget Rip City.. it's Roy's city.
  • @PaulGAllen Roy/Oden/KP/Injury bug and now you're selling the team -- how much can this great fanbase take?
  • hubby's work rewarded him with tickets to the Duck game on Friday...and @PaulGAllen is dropping BRoy like so much garbage. Great day
  • @PaulGAllen Your dumb!! Keep Brandon!!
  • If @paulgallen amnesties roy to save tax, it will be clear that he is nothing more than a rich, ego-maniacal, selfish bastard #keepbroy
  • If @PaulGAllen is smart he'll at least see how Roy is looking physically before he up and amnesty's his a**. Not like ur making cap room
  • @PaulGAllen Hello mister Allen. Just take a look to the latest news about Brandon Roy... With all my respect must not see Roy's case by the financial point of view.. Brandon Roy is Blazers's flag... Keep Brandon Roy to Portland...
  • @PaulGAllen that's Brandon Roy....rookie of the year and three time all star. Don't you forget it! Give him a chance. This is insane. They have to give him a chance. @PaulGAllen you're paying him anyways...see what he can do with an off season of rest. Do NOT get rid of Roy. It would break of all Portland's hearts. We all know what he's done for this team, give him a chance.

Update: More messages streamed in after this post went up and following Allen's Twitter post as well. Here's a sampling of the messages sent between 8 PM and 9:30 PM Pacific time.

  • If @PaulGAllen uses the amnesty clause on Roy, Portland will riot. #KeepRoy
  • @PaulGAllen Um...I have no boyfriend. My social life consists of going to Blazer games with my dad. You kinda ****** me over PA.
  • Hey! @PaulGAllen - take a look at Roy first before waiving him! Throw the fans a bone!
  • @PaulGAllen fans support the @PDXtrailblazers and Brandon Roy. we expect to see Brandon in uniform this season. anything else would be wrong
  • @PaulGAllen wait till we see what we have in B-Roy, give it till training camp is over then re-evaluate the situation.
  • @PaulGAllen please give BRoy his chance!!! don't amnesty him!!!
  • @PaulGAllen @pdxtrailblazers if y'all cut Broy I'll never forgive you.
  • @PaulGAllen cut the BS, and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Don't get rid of Roy.. He brought this team to where it is now, not you.
  • @PaulGAllen please don't amnesty Brandon Roy! Just one more year Mr. Allen. Let's see what he has got. I was at Game 4! He is not done yet!
  • @PaulGAllen there have been many reports saying that Roy is playing well and no setbacks with his knees, let him play this year.
  • We love you paul!
  • @PaulGAllen I will not support the team until Roy is cut.
  • @PaulGAllen Please use the wait and see approach before getting rid of our franchise player without getting anything in return. Thank you.
  • Dear Brandon Roy, your career isn't over. I still idolize you. Your not only a baller, but also a ROLL Model. @PaulGAllen, Please #saveROY7
  • @PaulGAllen Yes we use the amnesty on Roy. It does not take away what he did for the Blazers or what the Blazers have done for him.
  • @PaulGAllen If you amnesty Roy, I hope you just sell the team. It would be your first smart act as an owner.
  • @PaulGAllen Keep Brandon Roy! He's my favorite player and I can't imagine watching him play for another team. He's supposed to retire here.
  • @PaulGAllen B Roy deserves a chance to show what he's got before being cut via amnesty. He's been the heart of this team and done so much.
  • Dear @PaulGAllen I have been a Blazer for all my years. I think you see that I am not alone when I say we should #SaveRoy. Please save him.
  • @PaulGAllen dont release roy!!!!!!! We love him!!!!!!!
  • If @PaulGAllen uses the amnesty clause on Roy, Portland will riot. #KeepRoy
  • @PaulGAllen #KeepRoy
  • @PaulGAllen Give Brandon Roy some time. Remember how great he was in Game 4? He rebuilt this franchise, give that some consideration.
  • Just unfollowed @paulgallen and it felt sooo good! **** the seahawks and don't **** my blazers up...just sign checks and stay out the way!
  • @PaulGAllen love or hate u it doesn't matter! Without u we would have no Blazers so THANK YOU!
  • @PaulGAllen @pdxtrailblazers won't see you in the RG if you greedily cut Roy for tax benefits!
  • @PaulGAllen If you are foolish enough to waive Roy I along with many others will be former Blazers fans. Try making money without all of us
  • @PaulGAllen Many of us fans look forward to seeing the leadership and talent Brandon brings to the court every night. Please give us that
  • @PaulGAllen -- I think you should sell the Blazers and focus on the @Seahawks. #superbowl
  • @PaulGAllen @pdxtrailblazers know we're all suckers for NBA don't you? Jeez, we are pathetic. You'll amnesty Roy & we'll still go
  • @PaulGAllen don't cut Roy without watching him at training camp, you will lose so much more than you would gain by avoiding more lux tax
  • @PaulGAllen #InBRANDONROYweTRUST #onemoreyear #faceofthefranchise
  • @PaulGAllen @pdxtrailblazers letting Roy go before the season REALLY? Seth Meyer voice
  • Thinking about the @pdxtrailblazers cutting Roy makes me sick. Literally. @paulgallen wake the f up!
  • It's obvious @PaulGAllen has lost interest and doesn't give a **** about the #Blazers ne more. Just sell them and **** urself. #*******
  • @PaulGAllen give Roy a chance. Where would we be without him these last 4 years???
  • @PaulGAllen please. Do not get rid of Brandon Roy. Do you remember last year? Game 4? He isn't done. He has done so much for you. Why now
  • Hey all, remember to be respectful when you tweet @PaulGAllen don't swear at him. If you want BRoy to stay, cursing the owner won't help.
  • @PaulGAllen #KeepRoy He's the heart and soul of the @pdxtrailblazers
  • @PaulGAllen Keep Brandon Roy! Put the team and fans ahead of your wallet
  • @PaulGAllen If Roy amnestied, I'd consider dropping my season tix. I mean, I wouldn't, but you'd make me think about. #sayitaintsooo
  • @PaulGAllen dont listen to all these crybabies about roy, if he needs to go then you would be the person to know. Trust in PA
  • @PaulGAllen please take a good look at BRoy before you think about cutting him please
  • Brandon Roy has done so much for this franchise, he deserves the rest of this season. Where would be without him?@PaulGAllen
  • @PaulGAllen thank the fans by keeping Roy on the team

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter