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Former NBA Player Rex Chapman Compares Michael Jordan And Clyde Drexler

Former longtime NBA two guard and former Denver Nuggets Vice President of Player Personnel Rex Chapman joined Jason Whitlock on his podcast. Audio here.

During the interview, Chapman was asked to discuss the best players he played against, which led to a comparision between former Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan and former Portland Trail Blazers guard Clyde Drexler.

"Playing against Michael, especially when I came in, was always great. One: I was in Charlotte. He was from Carolina so [University of North] Carolina fans loved him and they also wanted liked crazy for us to beat them. We were also playing them six times a year, and I think that first year we played them twice in the exhibition season. So, I was seeing Black Jesus eight times a year, which was good and bad.

"I loved playing against Michael. For one reason, the main reason, was that he hated chasing screens. That was -- or kind of became -- my thing after awhile. I knew I was going to get open looks all night long. It was just a matter of whether I was going to make them.

"I loved playing against Mike. He was the greatest player I think that has ever put on a pair of shoes. When I said that, you've got to know our timeline. I don't really really recall watching Big O [Oscar Robertson], Jerry [West] and those guys. I say that with all due to those guys.

"Clyde was ridiculously talented. Clyde is about the only guy I can compare to Michael from a physical standpoint. He was big, had big hands. Clyde just didn't compete every night like Michael did. Clyde took some plays off here and there. Never find a better guy than Clyde.

"Clyde was comparable -- still, not Michael. Didn't have that kind of bounce, that kind of strength, that kind of, you know, whatever it was. Mainly hands, and Clyde had big hands."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter