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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving and there's still no NBA season in sight.  But hey, there's still plenty to be thankful for.  I'm hoping that all of our Blazersedge readers--Americans who are celebrating the holiday nationally and our international readers who are invited to celebrate with us in spirit---get to enjoy some time with family and friends, some decent food, and something fun to do today.  No matter what the trappings which surround the event, it's always good to take a moment to remember the things you're thankful for in life.

In that spirit, let's have a totally positive thread in the midst of this sea of lockout negativity.  It's not blindness or naivete, nor does it have to be ironic.  One could make an argument that if all of those folks who are bargaining were more thankful for what they have in life this lockout wouldn't be happening.  It's not that far-fetched to show them the way.  So go ahead and remember all the positive things in your life, Blazers/basketball related and otherwise.  Share your stories and your thanks below.  It's the day for it.

Me?  I'm thankful for all of you guys.  You keep my days interesting in the basketball sense even when there's no league going.  I love reading your thoughts, debates, and conversations.  When I took over this site years ago I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams what it would become, nor the wild rides we'd take in the meantime.  A "Gee, why don't I write about this for a lark?" adventure has become a life-engrossing passion thanks to you guys.  I'm not sure any one of us is brilliant on our own terms, but together we sure are.  I would stack this petri(e)-dish-cum-think-tank of basketball knowledge against any collective group anywhere in the world.  That makes this an exciting place to be every day. 

I'm also completely thankful that I get to be a Blazers fan along with you, not only because of our poignant shared history but because it keeps me that much farther away from being a Lakers fan!  Werd.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I look forward to reading your comments as always.

--Dave (