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Former Blazers COO Mike Golub Wins MLS Executive Of The Year

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Geoffrey C. Arnold of The Oregonian reports that former Portland Trail Blazers COO Mike Golub -- who abruptly resigned from the position in July 2008 to become a "special advisor" for Vulcan, Inc. -- has been named Major League Soccer's Executive of the Year after stewarding the Portland Timbers during their debut season.

 "This was such as special and memorable year for the whole organization," Golub said. "For us to be as successful as we were, everyone had to work hard and pull together. It's not about one person." 

The Timbers sold out all 17 league home games in 2011 and are sold out for the 2012 season, despite increasing the number of season tickets available for the club's second MLS season to 14,750. The team has a season ticket waiting list of more than 5,000 fans. 

"We have really struck a chord in the city. This is a city that loves soccer and has fallen in love with the Timbers," Golub said. "The response has been overwhelming and really encouraging. I think the future is really bright for the team both on and off the field."

According to NBA.comthe last -- and only -- Blazers executive to win the NBA's executive of the year award was Bucky Buckwalter in 1990-1991.

Golub's replacement, Sarah Mensah, recently started a Twitter account so that she could deny a report that she is involved in the team's stalled search for a General Manager. The Blazers have churned through two GMs since Golub departed and have yet to fill the position, deciding instead to "pause" the search during the ongoing NBA lockout.

In what feels like a different lifetime, Golub gave Blazersedge a pretty great interview. Here's part one. Here's part two.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter