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Ingram: Blazers F LaMarcus Aldridge Video Interview

Bill Ingram of caught up with Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge at Josh Howard's charity game in Dallas. Aldridge talks about his childhood inspirations, the addition of Blazers guard Raymond Felton and the ongoing NBA lockout. 

Here's the video via YouTube user hoopsworld. Scroll down for a transcript.

Here's a transcript.

Playing a charity game in Dallas with Josh Howard

"It feels good. This is where I played when I was in high school. It's kind of like home for me. I'm just out to support Josh and give back to the community. He came out to my game a week and a half ago. It's just guys trying to help guys out."

Inspiring kids

"It's huge. We are what they watch every day. We are what they are aiming to be. It's big for us to be that positive influence. It's big for us to try to teach them that education is important and it's big for us to tell them we all have dreams and if you work hard you can get it."

Who was your influence or mentor to strive for the NBA?

"Probably when I was younger, my brother. He took me to the park a lot, he led me in that direction. Then as I got older, my high school coach instilled confidence in my game and really believed in me. I think he was the person who got me over the hump."

Brandon Roy and Greg Oden can use lockout to get healthy?

"I don't think just them. I think a lot of guys that are kind of banged up. A lot of the older guys in the league are going to take advantage of this time. The older guys and the guys coming off injuries are definitely rehabbing more this time and trying to make some positive out of it."

Addition of Raymond Felton

"First, Andre Miller was a very, very good point guard. I definitely see positive things happen between myself and Ray Felton. He's definitely hungry, motivated. He's young, he has some things to prove. Neither one of us have been out of the first round of the playoffs so it's going to be something big for us.

"He just gives us that option to play a lot faster. He's a fast-paced guy so we can play fast or slow now." 

Should the thirty team representatives make the decisions for the players or should the whole league vote on it?

"I don't think it's going to be [just] 30 players. It's 30 players representing their teams. It's not their decision. They are calling their guys on their team and bringing the opinions of a lot of guys together. I think that's fine. It won't just be them deciding, it will be everybody together." 

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