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Basketball, NBA, or the Blazers

Someone commented to me over the weekend that they weren't that worked up about the NBA lockout because they enjoyed college basketball just as much.  I wish that were true of me as well but sadly it's not.  I watch some college ball for professional purposes and I love the NCAA Tournament but overall it doesn't hold the same attraction for me as Blazer games do...not even close.  Neither do other sports fill the gap.  For me it has to be Blazers-related or I'm not getting my sports fix.

That made me wonder how it is with you guys.  We all have affection for the Blazers, the NBA, and the game of basketball in general, plus we're all sports fans by definition.  How do those sort out for you?  For me the draw is overwhelmingly Blazers with some interest in the NBA as a whole, somewhat less passion for other iterations of the sport, and almost no time or energy for other sports.  The gap in my life between the Blazers and everything else is huge.  Is it that way for you too, or do you have more affection for the NBA as a whole, for any version of the sport you can get your hands on, or are you just an overall sports junkie?  What comes second to the Blazers in your sports world and how close or far is the gap?

Weigh in below.

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