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Eggers: Blazers Owner Paul Allen Just Wants Improved Competitive Balance

A few weeks back, there was a major back-and-forth concerning Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen attending a negotiating session with the NBA players. National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter accused Allen of delivering a message that ultimately led to a breakdown in the meetings and union lawyer Jeffrey Kessler implied that Allen's presence "hijacked" the talks. Reports then surfaced that Allen was maintaining hard-line bargaining positions to set up the Blazers for a possible sale.

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune writes that fans of the Portland Trail Blazers shouldn't confuse owner Paul Allen's desire to improve competitive balance in the NBA with a desire to sell the Blazers.

I find it wrong to suggest Allen no longer has the passion to own the Blazers because he wants to alter the financial landscape and provide the opportunity for owners around the NBA to make a profit in the future.

Revenue-sharing is a good thing for the game, and especially for small-market franchises such as Portland, even those with owners with the wherewithall of Allen.

Some day, Allen will sell the Blazers. The new owner, or ownership group, may not have his deep pockets. Revenue-sharing will help ensure that teams such as New York or the Los Angeles Lakers won't have an inherent advantage in buying talent. 

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter