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NBA's Current Proposal To NBPA Is Released Publicly

On Sunday, the NBA launched a multi-channel initiative at raising awareness regarding their current proposal to the National Basketball Players Association. Included in the effort was a Twitter question and answer session with fans and the following informational slideshow/video uploaded to YouTube.

The slideshow states that the NBA's proposal would "guarantee 50 percent of BRI to players, increase the average player salary, promote spending on free agents and give all teams the chance to compete for a championship." The proposal notes that the NBA would have more mid-level exceptions (with various tiers depending on a team's overall cap number), shorter contracts, a new "stretch" rule for getting out of an unwanted contract, unlimited use of the Bird exception for an incumbent team to retain its players, and an increased trade exception. 

Matt Moore of Pro Basketball Talk has a comprehensive recap of the Twitter Q & A here.

The information campaign coincides with the public release of the NBA's current proposal to the NBPA.

Here's a PDF of the NBA's current proposal, dated Nov. 11 and sent to NBPA executive director Billy Hunter, obtained by USA Today.

Howard Beck of The New York Times takes a crack at what life might look like under this proposed CBA.

Contracts would be shorter. Players would become free agents sooner. Making trades would be simpler. The gap between rich and poor teams might be smaller. There might be fewer superteams and more parity, too.

In theory, anyway.

The truth is, no one knows precisely how the N.B.A. will change under a proposed matrix of new regulations, which are now under review by the players union. But the goal - aside from slashing player salaries - is a more vibrant league with more player movement.

The NBPA's executive staff and player representatives, including Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge, are meeting on Monday morning in New York City to discuss the proposal and possible amendments.

Thanks to Meru who first posted a link to the NBA's current proposal in the FanShots.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter