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Fix the NBA

As you've read the players and owners are still negotiating a new CBA and will continue doing so into next week.  Maybe this is a good sign.  Maybe it's the last hurrah before we lose the season.  Maybe all of this is taking too long and they're not doing anything now that they couldn't have done, say, last March.  However you slice it, they're still battling over BRI percentages and caps and exceptions and trade rules and all of that.  These terms have been drilled so far into our heads now that they threaten to become all-encompassing, as I'm sure they are to the bargainers at the NBA table.

Let's step back and look at the bigger picture today.  You have the league's head honchos from both sides in the same room.  Pretend you got permission to address them on ONE issue.   In essence you'd be saying, "Hey guys...if you really want to fix the league forget all the stuff you've been talking about and do this."  What is your "this"?  It could be anything league-related.  Maybe it's already under discussion in the bargaining sessions.  Maybe it's not even related to the CBA.  It's up to you.  Bend our ears and those of the figurative league in the comment section below.  Discuss the pros and cons of other folks' suggestions too.

One issue...everybody's listening...fix the NBA.

--Dave (