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An Impassioned Plea For You To Root For Rose City Rollers Women's Roller Derby Team

This is the only picture that came up in our database when I searched roller skates. My apologies.
This is the only picture that came up in our database when I searched roller skates. My apologies.

Over the weekend, we linked up a article that suggested all fans of the Portland Trail Blazers should take up rooting for Newcastle United of the English Premier League. (I probably don't need to clarify, but: soccer.) 

A Blazersedge reader who writes under the name Frisky Sour was mildly outraged by Grantland's audacity. On her blog, Little Anecdote, she offers up an interesting alternative if you're looking to adopt a new team during the ongoing NBA lockout: women's roller derby.

My most-read sports blog is actually Blazersedge. Yes, I play derby, but I've been a Blazers fan since the 2000 playoffs (which will never be spoken of again on this blog or in my presence).  I wear my Blazers wristband over my wristguards during the NBA playoffs.  Boys have been compelled to say, "Wow, you really know about basketball" halfway through a conversation because they're surprised I know the difference between FG% and EFG%.  Etc.


Allow me, sports fans of Portland, to point you toward another team to follow in the short term: the Rose City Rollers' Wheels of Justice.


Why should a Blazers fan consider watching the Wheels of Justice?

  1. They're a Portland sports team playing at the top of their field.
  2. They don't fight with owners about money because the Rose City Rollers are a non-profit and skaters pay to play.  Yes, we pay dues to pay the rent.  Ticket sales go to grow and improve the operation.  It's pure sport for the love of it.
  3. They're real athletes.  Not everyone who plays the sport  is necessarily an athlete, but they are at this level. 

There are 10 reasons in the list, plus pictures. 

You can find the website of your new favorite women's roller derby team here.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter