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Berman: NBA's Salary Cap Won't Change

Marc Berman of The New York Post reports that the NBA is planning to keep its salary cap at the same level in 2011-2012.

According to multiple sources, one of the resolved issues in a new CBA is the 2011 salary cap will remain at the level as it was in 2010 -- $58 million.

"That's what we've been discussing, though the exact dollar amount is not set until the new deal is done,'' said one league source, who added no new talks have yet been scheduled.    

Early in the negotiations, the owners’ proposals had the cap set back to $45 million.

The Portland Trail Blazers are on pace to be well over the cap and will almost certainly be luxury tax payers unless they choose to use the "Amnesty Clause." 

Howard Beck of The New York Times had the most recent luxury cap proposal, however the details have changed multiple times during the negotiations.

Luxury-tax rate: Teams will be charged $1.50 per $1 spent beyond a threshold, replacing the previous dollar-for-dollar tax, according to people who have seen the plan.

To further discourage spending, the tax will increase for every $5 million spent beyond the threshold: to $1.75 after $5 million, $2.50 after $10 million and $3.25 after $15 million.

Under this system, the Los Angeles Lakers would have paid $45 million in taxes last season, compared with $20 million under the old formula. (The rates could still change based on other tradeoffs.)

If the more punitive luxury tax system goes into place for the 2011-2012 season, the Blazers would almost certainly fall into one of the super tax thresholds unless they choose to amnesty Brandon Roy, allow center Greg Oden to leave in free agency, or find some other way to shed a meaningful amount of salary (amnesty center Marcus Camby and sign a minimum salary replacement, for example).

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter