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Two Site Announcements

Two things for you to consider today:

1.  Technically the "Share Your Blazer Story" contest in the sidebar was supposed to end with the last day of September but I forgot to re-announce that last week so we'll extend it until tomorrow.  There's a Nicolas Batum jersey in the offing for the best, most meaningful, or whatever story among those submitted.  All you need to do is tell your Blazer story in a Fanpost by 11:59 Tuesday night.  It can be long or short, comprehensive or a single anecdote, serious or funny, about the team or about how the team has affected your life and family.  Just title your Fanpost "My Story" and have at it.  I just didn't want to miss anyone who was thinking about submitting.

2.  We are looking for someone to become our Facebook Page manager.  This isn't a paying position, more of an internship or experience you can put on a job application someday.  We're a prominent internet sports journalism site with name recognition across multiple levels of local and national media.  Our Facebook presence needs to match that level of excellence.  We need an eager, knowledgeable person to help us develop Facebook-specific strategies and to manage our site's page.  The hours shouldn't be that extensive but the opportunity to employ your creativity and social media wisdom will be!  If you're Facebook-savvy, have some drive, love the site, and want the ability to stretch your wings and help co-create something special, shoot me a line at the e-mail address below.

--Dave (