Blazers C Greg Oden Says He Is Able To Run


Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden posted the following update on his Facebook page. --------------------------- In LA right now working out. I ran the other day for the first time in awhile. Felt good! --------------------------- Update: Oden deleted the message at some point Thursday night. Back in April, Oden said that running was "over 5 months away" so he would seem to be in the ballpark of being on schedule with his rehabilitation. It has been roughly 11 months since Oden underwent his most recent microfracture surgery. Bill Duffy, Oden's agent, said in June that it could be January 2012 before Oden makes his return. That would equate to a 14-month rehabilitation process. Oden appeared in an NBA game 13 months after he underwent microfracture surgery before his rookie season. It's difficult to compare the two injuries, though, because his most recent microfracture surgery took place while Oden was still rehabilitating from a fractured patella on the same knee. ed: edited and bumped to front page