NBA 2K12 Reviewer Trades Luke Babbitt For Blake Griffin


File this under whimsy. Ryan Fleming of wrote like 14,000 words reviewing NBA 2K12, the latest and greatest pro basketball video game. Among those words included the following roster moves he made while heading up the Portland Trail Blazers. ---------------------------------- Sometimes the trades will just go through, as long as they are under the salary cap. To my surprise, the Nuggets were happy to take on Greg Oden from the Trail Blazers for Nene, but the Bulls were slightly more reluctant to give up Derrick Rose for Marcus Camby. An override showed them the error of their ways. I’m sure Luke Babbitt will flourish in Los Angeles, and Blake Griffin seemed perfectly content to move to Portland anyway. ---------------------------------- Paging One Center Court: I've found your new GM. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter