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The NBA Lockout: Make Your Voice Heard

On Monday the SBN NBA sites (and a few other sites as well) will be participating in a blogosphere-wide reaction to the NBA lockout.  Basically all the bloggers will be penning reactions to the lockout, making the "voice of the fan" heard. 

Here's the thing.  I've already had my say and we've heard from Storyteller as well.  My take hasn't changed and I'm not eager to re-post or rehash more from us when you've already read it.

So...if this is going to be the voice of the people, let's make it the voice of the people.  Here's your chance to get heard by a national audience, to say what you wish about the situation and/or to the players and NBA.  You can comment in this post if your take is fairly compact or create a Fanpost if it's longer.  I'll take the best submissions (and/or excerpts thereof) and use them as Monday's post.

So there's your weekend project.  Have at it.

--Dave (

P.S.  Linking to something you already wrote is fine too, as long as it originated on this site.  Just put the link in the comment section.  I'll be going through previous comments and Fanposts on the subject but highlighting your greatness will make it easier for me to find.