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Blazer Chatter January 6th, 2011: Dante Cunningham Edition

This is your catch-all thread for any random Blazer discussion that doesn't fit under the other posts at the site today.  Any Blazer-oriented topic is OK.  If you have a one or two sentence take or a short trade proposal this would be the place to leave it rather than, for instance, a Fanpost.

We always start with a seed question to get the ball rolling.  Today I want to give the same treatment to Dante Cunningham that we gave to Rudy Fernandez the other day.  How does his progress seem to you so far?  He's certainly been getting minutes because of the shortened front line.  Do you like what he's done with them?  Do you feel more or less hopeful about his prospects than you did last year and what exactly do those prospects entail?

Talk D.C. or whatever strikes your fancy.  The thread is open!

--Dave (