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Game 36 Non-Preview Discussion Thread!

The Blazers just played the Rockets a couple days ago, so no need for a preview really.   Here's the recent one which pretty much encapsulates what you need to know.  The Dream Shake would be the opponent blog.  The Jersey Contest form is here.  One of the main issues for the Blazers will be energy after losing a tough game last night in which Marcus Camby in particular played big minutes.  Hopefully the team can shake it off and channel the frustration but if Houston comes out and smacks the Blazers hard, Portland just might fold.  A decent start is crucial.

With that out of the way, on to the daily discussion thread.  We start with a seed topic but let you go anywhere Blazers-oriented in the comment thread unless that topic is already being covered elsewhere.

Today I'm curious about Rudy Fernandez.  How's he doing in your view?  Before the season his expectations amounted to "Trade!"  Given that he's still here and contributing anything one might say he exceeded them.  He's done far more in certain games, showing flashes of game-changing brilliance.  The guy all but won one of last week's games against the Jazz for the Blazers.  On the other hand you have nights like yesterday where he can't hit shots, doesn't contribute in other ways, and all but disappears.  What's your read?  Do you like what you've seen so far in 2010-11 and do you think Rudy has earned "keeper" status with this team?  If not, what do you hope to see more of, presuming your still not in "trade him" mode completely?

The conversation is open below on Rudy or any other Blazer topics.  Enjoy!

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