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Sunday Chatter: Where is This Team Headed?

For all of the minutiae discussed about the Portland Trail Blazers on a daily basis here and around the blogosphere, there's one topic that most are dancing around.  You can find plenty of suggestions about pre-deadline trades, Greg Oden's re-signing potential, and Brandon Roy's knees or lack thereof.  Sometimes I think we delve into detail specifically to avoid addressing the bigger question in all of this:  What will it amount to?  There's no doubt the apple cart got upset this winter.  Maybe it will never be fixed.  Maybe it'll be repaired but the apples will be wormy or delivered too late.  Or maybe everything will be just fine.  

Personally I can't think of a single move or likely development that's going to set this team back on track because I don't even know what the track looks like anymore.  Another way of saying it is, "Back on track to what???"  That makes discussing specifics difficult.

So let's devote a chat thread just to this topic.  What does (and/or should) the Blazers' future look like.  I'm not talking this month or even this year, but two, three, four years down the road.  Where is the team headed and on what are you basing those assertions?

Weigh in below.

--Dave (