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Blazer Chatter: Nicolas Batum and More

Here's your off-day open thread for Blazer-oriented discussion of both intentional and random types.  Anything Blazer-related not covered on the rest of the page goes right here. 

To kick things off:  We've seen some good games from Nicolas Batum lately.  We've seen humdrum ones as well.   Two questions:

1.  What's your assessment of his season so far?  Happy?  Disappointed?  Still waiting and seeing?  In what ways has he met your expectations and in what ways has he fallen short?

2.  Given what you've seen so far of his growth curve, how high are you assessing his ceiling and how long do you think it'll take him to reach it, presuming it's higher than we're currently seeing?  Any special circumstances which will best facilitate the maximization of his potential?

Have at it on this or other Blazer-related topics below.

--Dave (