Giegerich: Blazers Holding, Dropping Ticket Prices In 2011-2012


The always excellent Andy Giegerich of the Portland Business Journal reports that the Portland Trail Blazers will not be raising ticket prices next year after hiking them each of the last two seasons. ------------------------- Sarah Mensah, the team’s chief operating officer, said Tuesday the team will keep its rates the same for most seats while even dropping prices in certain arena locations. Specifically, tickets in the corner sections of the team’s club section, which offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, will be $89, or about $30 less than club tickets offering direct court views. "Despite how incredibly challenging it’s been, we’ve had a gratifying year" business-wise, Mensah said. "No question we’ve had adversity on the court, but that’s become the normal flavor for the Trail Blazers." ------------------------- Not sure there was much of a choice, as demand, as judged by online availability and prices, has fallen off considerably this season. Batches of empty seats were visible in the lower level, club level and 300 level again last night. Footnote: Mensah apparently didn't give a ringing endorsement to the team's TrailBlazers.TV efforts, as Giegerich writes, "Mensah did concede that the Blazers new digital online network has had challenges creating enough content to fill its airwaves." -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter