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Blazers Chatter: Coach McMillan Staying?

This is your daily-ish Blazer Chatter thread for all Blazer-related topics not covered elsewhere on the site.  You can talk about anything you want but we always start you with a seed topic.  Today I'd like to take up something that's been a near-constant source of controversy over the years but that has actually died down with the injuries:  Do you think Nate McMillan remains Portland's coach after this season?  It's odd because up to this point it's been assumed that the Blazers will be the ones making that decision.  But don't forget Nate left Seattle of his own volition.  Is it possible, after years of not having a full roster and more apparently on the horizon, he'll do the same to Portland?  How do you suppose this will turn out?

Talk about that or any other Blazer topics you wish below.

--Dave (