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Game 46 Preview: Sacramento Kings vs. Portland Trail Blazers (plus Blazersedge Night)

Game Time:  7:00 p.m.  TV:  KGW and NBATV

The Sacramento Kings come to town tonight.  Portland also played them in the 43rd game of the season, a 94-90 win in overtime.  The preview for that game is here.  The only update is that the Kings lost to the Warriors in the interim and are now sitting and 9-32.  That and Portland really, really shouldn't lose this game tonight.

Sactown Royalty is the place to go for Kings updates.  Your Jersey Contest form is here.

I'd also like to remind you that we're working together to send 500 underprivileged kids to Blazersedge Night at the Garden this year.  The date is April 1st and we've had multiple ticket requests.  We need to start marching forward to fill those, so it's time to get serious.  Individuals can contribute a ticket or two.  If you are part of an office, a school, a church, or a university consider banding together with your colleagues and buying multiple tickets.  We don't run on corporate sponsorships.  It's a grassroots thing among our readership.  Here are the details of how to help.  Let's fill the Rose Garden with kids eager to see the Blazers beat the Thunder!


Blazersedge Night:  April 1st, 2011 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder

Ticket Cost:  $25 per ticket plus a $5 service charge per order whether you buy 1 ticket or 100 with that order.

Ways to Purchase:

  1. Call Lisa Swan at the Portland Trail Blazers office at 503-963-3966.  Tell her you're purchasing for Blazersedge night  FOR THE KIDS or FOR CHARITY.  You can also purchase tickets for yourself to attend in the B.E. section that night, which is why you need to make your intentions clear.  If you tell them it's for the kids they set the tickets aside instead of mailing them to you.  If you want to attend yourself, make that clear as well.  You can purchase in all the usual ways:  credit card, check, what have you.
  2. You can also donate money via PayPal to the Blazersedge Paypal Account:  We accumulate your donations and pay for the tickets in one big chunk at the end.  This allows you to donate non-standard amounts (like $20 or $80) and also avoids that $5 order fee, as we make one bulk purchase.
  3. If you prefer just to send a check, contact me at the e-mail address below and we can set that up.

Thanks for your support for this great event!  Questions?  Contact me via e-mail.

--Dave (