Freeman: Brandon Roy Pre-Game Comments Transcript


Prior to Portland's game against the Indiana Pacers, Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy discussed his status after undergoing dual knee surgeries. Roy said that he hoped to return this season, that he has't been cleared for basketball activities, that he has been doing some shooting anyway, and that doctors told him meniscus transplant surgery was never a truly viable option. Joe Freeman of The Oregonian has a transcript. ------------------------ Q: Can you feel a difference right now? A: Yeah, there's a slight difference with some things that were going on that (allowed me to) feel better right after the surgery. It's a situation where he was able to go in there and kind of debris both of the knees, clean up a little bit of the problems that I was feeling in the right knee. So we're optimistic that that worked. I feel good. The tell-tale (sign) will be when I start playing again and Day 2, Day 3 of just making sure the swelling is not getting to the point where it's coming back so quickly. Q: What did the doctor say he saw during the surgery? Did he say things looking promising, was he optimistic? A: He said he's optimistic, but he didn't use anything like promising. He just said that we took a shot at this and said let's just be optimistic. He doesn't want me to rush back out there. He said you might feel great, but he doesn't want me to try to rush back out there too fast. ------------------------ -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter PS Thanks to dpnim for getting there first in the FanShots.