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Gameday Open Thread: Pacers vs. Blazers

Update: Andre Miller has left the game after 4 minutes due to a case of the stomach flu. I'm impressed he played at all. He's unlikely to return tonight.

Time for some basketball! Tonight, the 16-23 Indiana Pacers visit the Rose Garden to take on the 24-20 Portland Trail Blazers (Media notes). Can the Blazers continue to beat the teams they should beat? Can they go 5 games over .500? Hang out here for a what is usually a fun, quiet Saturday night game thread.

Injury report: Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby are not playing. For the Pacers, Roy Hibbert returns to the starting lineup tonight after fighting an upper respiratory infection.

Tip-off: 7:10pm
Watch: CSNNW (Portland), NBA League Pass (Free preview this week)
Listen: 95.5 FM The Game (Portland), NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

The usual rules apply:

  1. No swearing
  2. No pictures
  3. No discussion of Internet streams not provided by the NBA

Go Blazers! -- Tim

[Edit from Dave: I have to offer my apologies. I've missed several games lately, something that's not happened in my many years of blogging. This has been an incredibly tough last three weeks in my day job, culminating in the death of a friend who was more like a father-figure just a couple days ago. That and a couple other things have kept me away, and I will not be able to recap tonight either. I thank Timmay for covering the occasional road game and tonight I leave you in Ben's capable hands for the Media Row Report. Again...apologies. Back on Monday. --Dave]