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Gameday Open Thread: Timberwolves vs. Blazers

Site note: We've been seeing some comments disappear for no reason recently, including in this Gameday Thread. We don't know what's up, but have contacted SBN. Sorry if this happens to you.

Hey, here's a team we haven't played much. Tonight, the 10-31 Minnesota Timberwolves visit the Rose Garden to take on the 21-20 Portland Trail Blazers (Media notes). This would be a great night for the Blazers to get back on track with a big win.

Injury report: Brandon Roy's surgery was successfully completed earlier today (scroll down for more), and he's still out indefinitely. For Minnesota, Michael Beasley is playing tonight despite a sprained ankle.

Tip-off: 7:10pm
Watch: CSNNW (Portland), NBA League Pass (FREE for everyone this week, but blackout rules apply in Portland)
Listen: 95.5 FM The Game (Portland), NBA Audio League Pass (Free)

The usual rules apply:

  1. No swearing
  2. No pictures
  3. No discussion of Internet streams not provided by the NBA

Go Blazers! -- Tim