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Blazersedge Scrubdown Grand Finale

After a long and winding road that took us through more than two dozen candidates we are down to the final three.  One of these three guys will claim the crown of Portland's favorite non-star-level player in franchise history.  All have vanquished tough opponents such as Wayne Cooper, Drazen Petrovic, Caldwell Jones, and Danny Young.  One will emerge over the remaining two after this vote.

So tell us, Portland, who is the Scrubdown victor?  Will it be Darnell ValentineMark Bryant, or Kermit Washington?

You may use any criteria you wish to determine your vote.  Please vote clearly with the name of your favorite isolated in the subject line of your comment.  In this round especially we encourage you to attempt to sway your fellow voters to your way of thinking in the main section of your comment.

The polls are open!

--Dave ( 

P.S. Our podcast later today will cover this subject as well as other momentous moments from Blazers history.