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Blazersedge Scrubdown Round 3, Matchup 3

Still recovering from a weekend trip.  I'll be back in the saddle fully tomorrow but in the meantime we have our final semi-final matchup of the Scrubdown.  If you missed our first two matchups scroll down slightly and vote!

To add extra interest to this penultimate round, in addition to your vote (cast clearly in the subject line of your comment) we'd like you to answer the following questions if you have the urge:

  1. Which of these players is better overall?
  2. Which of these players was more valuable to the Portland teams they played on?
  3. Which of these players would you rather have on this year's team?

Note that while we're interested in hearing the reasoning behind your answers, that reasoning doesn't bind you to a vote.  You're free to vote for any reason, even if that means saying Player A was better in all three categories but you're still going with Player B for other reasons or just because...neener-neener!

The final matchup of the third round:   Chris Dudley versus Kermit Washington.  Which big man will earn a place in the Scrubdown finals?

--Dave (