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Share Your Labors

We spend a lot of time around here talking about basketball players, coaches, executives, broadcasters, and the like.  No doubt they are all worth the attention.  The jobs they do are unique, fascinating, and in many ways enviable.  But since this is Labor Day it's time to pay attention to the fans who support this industry, people like the gentle readers of Blazersedge.  So this is your day to be loud and proud.  We've talked Nate McMillan, Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, and Paul Allen to death.  Let's talk about what you do!

Let us know how you labor in the comment section.  Share any interesting, exciting, funny, or meaningful experiences from your daily tasks too.  Let us appreciate you and give all the folks at Blazers Headquarters who frequent this site an idea of what kind of folks support their labors.

--Dave (