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Utah Jazz Broadcaster David Locke Rips Jerryd Bayless; Bayless Responds On Twitter

In the second part of a two-part podcast with former Portland Trail Blazers beat writer and current Utah Jazz beat writer Brian T. Smith, Jazz play-by-play announcer David Locke rips into Blazers guard Jerryd Bayless.

Here's a transcript of the exchange...


David Locke: "I have to share, I have to share, I just don't like Jerryd Bayless... I have a great Jerryd Bayless story...

"Jerryd Bayless is sitting with a coach and they are one on one watching film. The coach says to him, 'Jerryd, there are four things that can happen in a game. You can play well and the team plays well. You can play well and the team plays badly. You can play badly and the team plays well. You can play badly and the team plays badly. The only two that matter, Jerryd, are when the team is playing well.'

"And Bayless looks at him and says, 'Coach I don't understand how I can play well and the team doesn't play well.'"  

Brian T. Smith: "Wow, did you hear that first hand or was that kind of related to you."

David Locke: "That question I can't answer."


For what it's worth, Smith predicts that the Blazers will win the Northwest Division during the podcast.

In other Bayless news, Casey Holdahl of has a nice feature up on the guard.

When asked about his persona, Bayless would always argue that the scowling, frighteningly intense person wearing No. 4 wasn't an accurate depiction of who Jerryd Bayless really was, but in hindsight, he's come to realize the frustration he felt over playing time and his role on the team had an effect on who he was as a person. 

"I think I was just wound up so tight," said Bayless. "I can't say that it's not going to happen again this season because there's definitely times during the season where you're going to go through rough patches where you're going to be wound up real tight. But I think before I was wound up so tight and worried so much about things I wasn't able to control, it made me uneasy. Being around me probably made other people uneasy at times. But the biggest thing with me is the thing that happened with my dad, just realizing how short life can really be. It's definitely mellowed me out."    

Update (12:30PM): Jerryd Bayless responds on Twitter, saying that he does not recall the incident described by Locke.

I just got an email saying the Utah reporter was saying some things about me?? It's all good though. Everyone can have there own opinion ofless than a minute ago via Twitterrific


Me. Even though I don't remember that happeningless than a minute ago via Twitterrific


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