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T-Shirt Contest Finalists

After sorting through the large number of t-shirt contest entries we've narrowed down the field to seven finalists for the new Blazersedge T-Shirt Design.  You can see the entries after the jump, but first a few caveats:

  1. Some very good entries were left off because they used logos, players' faces, or so many colors they would be prohibitively expensive.  If your entry was among those, you did great but unfortunately we can't use those elements in a legal and cost-effective manner.
  2. The designs you see might not be the exact final design of the shirt.  We may be able to combine some elements.  Some of these are the best side of a two-sided design that might be fleshed out.  If you think a couple might combine for a nice front-back look, let us know that.  Also we've had a couple offers from readers with printing facilities to run shirts for us.  They may need to alter/improve the designs to make them work.  Basically you're voting for the best idea, details to be finalized later.  
  3. As always, please make your vote clear by bolding or putting it in the subject line.
  4. Please don't trash any designs individually or all of them as a whole, as they all have been submitted by your peers.  Somebody put their heart into each one.  If you don't like it, pass onwards and vote for one you do like.  If you don't like any of them submit your own idea to  If it really does blow everything else out of the water we'll think about adding it.
  5. We have not included names or screen names of people who submitted as we don't want this to turn into a site popularity (or non-popularity) contest.
  6. Don't judge on picture size alone.  Different sources produce different sized pictures and they look bad if shrunk or enlarged too much.

And that's about it.  Click through to see the designs!

--Dave ( 

Design A


Design B


Design C


Design D


Design E


Design F  (I bedge, therefore I am.)


Design G (We've got some scrap and can do some things.)